A Fraternity for Life

Phi Delta Theta’s alumni clubs continue the “Fraternity for Life” experience by offering its members an association with the Fraternity after their undergraduate days have been completed. For 140+ years our clubs have served as an outlet for alumni activity, an asset to the community, and a benefit to Phi Delta Theta.

The first alumni chapter was organized in 1871 in Indianapolis. The 1872 General Convention decided that alumni clubs were impractical. However, the 1874 General Convention adopted a preamble and resolution declaring that such chapters would be beneficial to the Fraternity, and made a call to alumni to establish such an organization in their locality. The first official alumni chapter was organized in Franklin, Indiana by George Banta on November 7, 1876.  The title alumni club was designated by legislative action of the 1898 General Convention.

Alumni clubs can be a valued organization within any community. Members, their families and friends can all take part in activities sponsored by the alumni club. The Phi Delt alumni experience, realized by members with divergent interests, is a wonderful and unique benefit of our membership.

Our Local Alumni Club

The Nevada Beta Alumni Club is comprised of individuals located within the Southern Nevada region. We pride ourselves in the success of our UNLV alumni, most of which have gone above and beyond within the Las Vegas community. Our wide-variety of alumni consists of local/state-wide elected officials, professionals within multiple industries and leaders within the Las Vegas community. Local organizations currently ran by Phi Delt alumni include: The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Pole Position Raceway, Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge, Big Dog’s Brewing Company, We Are Momentus, Project DABL, MGM Resorts, Clark County School District and the Nevada System of Higher Education. Our brotherhood extends far beyond graduation, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the alumni that have built our chapter to what it is today.